The WCU-4 is an advanced, three axis (focus/iris/zoom) hand controller with the ability to display detailed lens and camera information when used with ARRI cameras that support metadata.

Set marks and configure the hand unit to vibrate when they are hit - a great way to concentrate on a scene while ensuring proper focus. Vibrating alerts can also be set to tell the operator when the camera storage media is almost full or battery voltage is getting low.

The WCU-4 works as part of a wireless follow focus system built around either a standalone ARRI UMC-4 / UMC-3A radio unit (or an ARRI white radio compatible equivalent) or an ARRI camera with integrated controller (Alexa Mini, Mini LF etc).

Alexa Camera Control License Installed

Our WCU-4 units include the optional license to control Alexa camera settings such as frame rate, shutter speed, exposure index, etc. Additional Alexa camera status information is also displayed on the WCU-4 with this option installed.

Arri WCU-4 Kit

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