ARRI cforce mini RF Lens Motor

The ARRI cforce mini RF motor is a wireless FIZ (focus/iris/zoom) motor that features an integrated radio module which eliminates the need for an additional motor controller.

The integrated 2400 MHz white radio pairs flawlessly with the ARRI Hi-5, WCU-4 and SXU-1 and is a a great option when you want the reliability of the Arri wireless control system but with a third party camera system.

Lens maps can also be easily configured with the cforce mini RF motor from the hand unit.

This motor will work with any camera system that can supply power via D-Tap and it can also provide run/stop control to a camera with RS (3pin Fischer) or a LANC port (2.5mm TRS).

Additional cforce mini motors can be daisy chained via LBUS to provide up to 3 axis control.

Arri cforce mini RF Lens Motor

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