ARRI Master Grips

ARRI Master Grips help operators do more. You can control run-stop, focus, iris and zoom as well as framing when operating cinema camera rigs with manual focus lenses.

Assign buttons to add or remove ND and control other functions linked to camera user buttons. Use the grips for handheld rigs or get creative with studio, gimbal and remote head setups.

Each grip has an ARRI rosette and two LBUS connectors, so you can combine them with a range of ARRI ECS products to build the setup you need.

This set has a left grip with wheel control and right grip with rocker control, and you can assign them to whichever axis you want. For example, with zoom lenses you can have the left grip control both focus and iris (and toggle between them using a joystick center press) and the right grip dedicated to zoom.

When using prime lenses, you might have the left grip dedicated to focus control and use the right grip with rocker for iris control.

ARRI Master Grips

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