The ARRI Hi-5 is the most advanced and intuitive wireless control unit on the market. Featuring a friction adjustable control knob, slider control and a multi axis joystick, it is the perfect all in one wireless FIZ (focus/iris/zoom) controller.

It uses the same lens map system as the WCU-4 and loading maps is easier than ever before. Integrated bluetooth can connect to an IOS device which gives simple and easy control over loading and organising lens maps (hopefully an Android app isnt far away!)

The included RF-EMIP 2400 MHz radio module is powerful and can cut through interferance with ease and with up to 100 channels, the connection is reliable and robust.

The daylight viewable touch screen is clear and easy to read in bright environments and the 3 programable user buttons make operation quick and easy. These buttons can even be assigned to control camera user buttons.

The Hi-5 will work directly with ECS compatible ARRI cameras and also includes the licence to control camera functions from the hand unit. If you arent working with an ARRI camera, the Hi-5 can be paired with the cForce Mini RF motor to work with all other camera system.

Arri Hi-5 Kit

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