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Hire digital cinema cameras from ARRI, Canon, Sony and Blackmagic Design.

ARRI Alexa 35 Kit

ARRI Alexa 35 Kit

The ARRI Alexa 35 features industry-leading dynamic range (17 stops), low light performance and colour rendition. The camera has been designed to be easy to use in any shooting situation with the best possible image performance.


ARRI Alexa Mini Kit

The smallest, lightest Alexa. Use it for handheld, gimbal and studio work with its flexible rigging options. Shoot HD, 2K, 3.2K and 4K UHD at up to 200 frames per second in high quality ProRes up to 4444XQ. 4:3 license included for anamorphic shooting.


ARRI Alexa Mini LF Kit

The ARRI Alexa Mini LF offers you the premium, large format look in a package very similar in size to the popular, super 35 sensor based ARRI Alexa Mini. Super 35 modes mean the Mini LF can still be used in conjunction with lenses that do not cover large formats, giving you a choice of many lenses.


ARRI Amira Premium Kit

The ARRI Amira has the same sensor and colour science as the ARRI Alexa Mini, but in a body more suited to documentary / run and gun, or studio work. It has superior audio handling compared to the Alexa Mini, with XLR inputs and support for up to five channels of audio recorded with the image.

Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini Pro Kit

The Ursa Mini Pro has a 4.6K, 15 stop dynamic range sensor, PL or Canon EF mount, built-in ND filters and shoots up to 60fps (or 120fps in 2K windowed mode) in all popular flavours of Prores as well as CinemaDNG RAW. Our kit includes the shoulder mount kit, v-mount battery plate, and EVF.

Canon C200 Kit

The Canon EOS C200 offers a compact and lightweight body with the ability to create highly detailed 4K images. It can deliver Cinema RAW Light recording at 4K DCI 50P internally to CFast 2.0 cards, with up to 15 stops of dynamic range, and up to 120fps at 1920x1080 resolution without windowing.

Canon C300 MKII Kit

Available in either Canon EF or Arri PL mount. The C300 mark II is a flexible, dependable workhorse camera suited to many types of production. It features increased dynamic range (a claimed 15 stops), up to 4K internal recording, 4K RAW output and a new 10-bit Canon Log gamma.

Canon C300 MKIII - Base Kit

The C300 MK III is a run and gun Super 35mm powerhouse that features 4K recording in RAW or XF-AVC, Canon's dual pixel autofocus and a form factor that is easy to rig into either studio or handheld configurations.

Canon C500 MKII - Base Kit

The Canon EOS C500 Mark II is a large format, 5.9K sensor camera. It has an interchangeable lens mount so you can use either Canon EF or Arri PL mount lenses. This base kit is the simplest C500 II kit we offer and includes BPA batteries, media and quality Arri camera accessories.


Canon C500 MKII - EVF Production Kit

This C500 II kit adds an EU-V2 expansion unit, v-mount batteries and Canon EVF-V70 OLED viewfinder to our standard base kit.

Canon C70 Kit

Huge recording power in a small form factor body. The C70 can record 4K 10-bit footage with 16+ stops of dynamic range while only being marginally larger than a DSLR.

Sony PXW-FX9 Kit

The Sony FX9 is a 4K acquisition (6K sensor), large format, dual-native ISO camera option with some great features that make it ideal for smaller crew and run-and-gun style productions. The electronic variable ND is an excellent addition , as is the hybrid autofocus with face tracking.

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