Why Doesn’t My Audio Sound Very Good? 5 Tips To Record Better Audio

We share five simple ways to record better audio that sounds professional, even on time-critical and small crew shoots.

Jamie Harris

July 20, 2022


5 min read

Recording Audio On The Alexa Mini LF

If you've not recorded audio in-camera with the ARRI Alexa Mini LF, this article will help you avoid some gotchas that might not be obvious.

Jamie Harris

March 15, 2022


4 min read

Choosing The Right Microphone For The Job

A look at different types of microphones and the applications for which they are best suited.

Jamie Harris

June 22, 2021


10 min read

How to Reduce Interference On A Sennheiser Lav

Learn how to choose the cleanest frequencies to reduce the impact interference on your audio recordings.

Jamie Harris

July 4, 2020


3 min read

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