Learn how to setup and use the Ronford Baker Slider with this detailed overview video and setup guide.

The Ronford Baker Slider is built tough so it can stand up to large camera payloads and maintain a smooth result. Our slider is 1.2 meters long with a camera travel distance of 1 meter and can be used with Mitchell/Moy heads as well as 150mm and 100mm bowl mounted fluid heads.

The Slider has a centre mounted Mitchell/Moy base that can rotate 360 degrees as well as a crossbar supports that can be used with the included suction feet or attached to scaffold tubing.

Mounting the Slider

To mount the slider on a Mitchell/Moy base, remove the brass locking nut from the mount, drop the Mitchell/Moy through the hole and align the locking key. Secure the slider by refastening the brass locking nut to the mount.

If you are mounting the slider to a tripod we recommend using a monopod at each end of the slider for extra support and to prevent the slider from tipping.

Here we are using two Manfrotto 680B Monopods to support each end of the Slider.

The Ronford Baker Bazooka

The Ronford Baker Bazooka pairs perfectly with the slider if you want a rock solid base that is easy to adjust. The advantages of the Bazooka are its adjustable riser, which has 400mm of vertical adjustment for quick repositioning; adjustment feet on each leg of the base, so you can ensure the slider is perfectly level; and an overall sturdy construction that is perfect for larger camera setups.

The slider mounts to the Bazooka in the same way as the Mitchell/Moy base we’ve just shown, but you need to ensure you are using a Mitchell/Moy extension on top of the adjustable riser to provide the correct mounting base. Another option is to attach the slider directly to the Bazooka base if you’d like it mounted low.

Using the Slider

The crossbar supports are attached using the included 1/4" mounting bolts. Along the bottom of the slider there are number of 1/4" mounting points for these cross bars. Once attached, you can then clamp on the included suction feet for a small self-standing setup that can be used on the ground or mounted to a vehicle. Or it can be clamped to scaffold tubing and integrated into larger rigs.

There are two adjustable magnetic end stops which help prevent any hard stops in your slider moves. There is also a lock to safely secure the camera in a set position.

Changing the Slider's Tripod Mount

We will usually have the slider setup in your preferred mount when you collect so that you don't need to change anything, but it’s a simple process to change it if you need to. The Mitchell/Moy and 100mm bowl mounts attach using 4 bolts and 4 spacers down into the top of the slider carriage.

The RB Slider kit includes Mitchell/Moy, 150mm and 100mm bowl mount adaptors.

There are multiple spacer and bolt lengths included in the kit to accommodate a range of different fluid head tie down sizes.

The Slider kit includes everything you need to fit a range of fluid heads.

Switching to the 150mm bowl mount is more involved. The carriage needs to be removed by taking one of the hard end stops off and sliding the carriage off. You then secure the mount by screwing up through the bottom of the carriage into the bowl mount.

Flipping the mount upside down you can then install the 150mm mount by screwing up from the bottom.

If you wish to learn more about the Ronford Baker Slider or you have a question that wasn't answered, please let us know.

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