In this post we'll explain setting up and using high speed frame rates on the Canon C500 Mark II.

Canon C500 Mark II with Canon Cine Primes

Maximum Frame Rates

The Canon C500 Mark II has a number of frame rate options when shooting in both Cine RAW lite and XF-AVC. The maximum frame rate is dependant on the sensor mode you are using, with up to 60fps in Full Frame and Super 35 (crop) modes and up to 120fps in Super 16 (crop) mode. Here is a more detailed breakdown:

Sensor Mode Codec Frame Rate
Full Frame Cine RAW light 15 - 60fps
XF-AVC 15 - 60fps
Super 35 (crop) Cine RAW light 15 - 60fps
XF-AVC 15 - 60fps
Super 16 (crop) Cine RAW light 15 - 120fps
XF-AVC 15 - 120fps

Frame Rate vs Project Rate

To be able to use high speed frame rates properly, you need to understand the differences between frame rate and project rate. Frame rate is the number of frames per second (fps) that are recorded, while the project rate is the speed at which these captured frames are played back.

Setting Up For High Speed Recording

To record with a high frame rate on the C500 Mark II, the camera's recording mode must be changed to "Slow & Fast Motion" in the Recording/Media Setup menu. Once selected, this unlocks a sub menu that allows you to select your desired frame rate.

In live view mode, the C500 Mark II handily displays your frame rate and your project rate in the top right corner of your screen, which makes checking them both while shooting really easy.

Slow & Fast User Buttons

The C500 MK II has user buttons on the camera body that let you quickly change into slow motion recording. The S&F button toggles between the Normal shooting mode and the Slow & Fast Motion mode. The S&F FPS button allows you to quickly change your frame rate by using the jog wheel on the camera body.

These buttons make switching into slow motion recording super quick and saves a trip through the menu.

The S&F user button switches between normal and high speed recording modes, while the S&F FPS button lets you quickly change the frame rate without affecting your project rate.

Overall the Canon C500 Mark II is an excellent choice for high speed 60fps capture as your sensor modes and codec are not limited by your frame rate

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