Tentacle Sync Track E Recorder Kit

The Track E is a small 32-bit float audio recorder with a 3.5mm input jack and internal 16GB micro-SD card. An omni-directional microphone, mic clip and wind jammer are also included in the kit.

You can simply turn the Track E on and start recording without worrying about setting audio gain. The 32-bit float files allow you to adjust the audio levels as required in post without worrying about any clipping or raising the noise floor (using a compatible editor, such as Adobe Audition).

When recording audio for video, you can easily sync with one or more cameras on a Tentacle network using the Tentacle apps.

The Track E has an internal battery that is good for around 10 hours of recording. To transfer audio files, you can either remove the micro-SD card or connect the entire unit to a computer via the integrated USB-C port.

Also available in a twin kit.

Tentacle Sync Track E Recorder Kit

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