Tentacle Sync E MKII Timecode Generator

The Tentacle Sync E MKII Timecode Generator is a great little tool for keeping all of you recording devices timecode synced.

Attach one to your camera and audio recorder and you can sync them both with the press of a button through the compainion mobile phone app. This keeps all of your devices easily in sync and without worrying about timecode drift.

The free mobile phone app is available for IOS and Android and is simple to use. It is quick and easy to add and sync new devices using bluetooth.

These timecode generators can also be used with cameras that dont have dedicated timecode inputs, such as DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. This timecode is called Audio Timecode. Simply plug the Tentacle Sync into the microphone port of the camera and it will record timecode data to the left channel and a scratch audio track using the Tentacle Syncs built-in microphone to the right channel.

Our kit includes timecode cables for BNC, 3.5mm and 5-pin Lemo.

Tentacle Sync E MKII Timecode Generator

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Tentacle Sync

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