Profoto B1X Location Kit 500 AirTTL

The Profoto B1X is one of the best battery powered monolights in its class, featuring 500Ws of power over a range of 9 stops in a robust and lightweight form factor.

This location kit features two B1X monolights, giving you a great amount of flexibility for location shooting where mains power isn’t available or is impractical.

Paired with the included Canon remote trigger, you can shoot quickly with AirTTL through the lens metering for automatic exposure. High Speed Sync is also available allowing for shutter speeds up to 1/8,000s - ideal for crisp action shots or overpowering ambient lighting.

Pack it all in the included travel backpack and you have a powerful kit that you can take practically anywhere.

Includes a Profoto Air Remote TTL-C for Canon. Alternatively, we can supply a Universal Air Remote for use with any camera with a shoe upon request.

Profoto B1X Location Kit 500 AirTTL

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