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Kessler CineSlider

Kessler CineSlider
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The Kessler CineSlider is a portable linear slider for adding camera movement without a great deal of setup. This is the one metre length version.

For heavier camera setups, see the Ronford Baker slider instead.

Our Kessler package includes a motor and Oracle controller, for precise recording and playback of moves, and motion time lapses. The motor also helps you get the smoothest tracking shots through applying a constant torque that can be harder to achieve by manually pushing the camera or using the crank handle.

Suitable For A Wide Range Of Cameras

The Kessler CineSlider is best suited to lighter weight cameras - DSLRs, mirrorless, Canon C100, C300 etc. The heavier the camera setup and the longer the focal length, the more difficult it is to get smooth results (especially if the centre of gravity is raised above the slider carriage).

Note that with heavier cameras, it is more difficult to achieve smooth tracking shots and the slider needs to be supported at both ends - centre mounting is only suitable for light camera packages. We strongly recommend the Ronford Baker slider when using heavier cameras (Arri Alexa/Amira, Red Epic/Weapon etc) or when using longer focal lengths.

The slider kit includes a 75mm/100mm bowl mount suitable for centre mounting, or you can support it at either end with 1/4" and 3/8" compatible supports (stills tripods, light stands, etc).


  • 103cm x 12.7cm
  • When packed in hard travel case: 120cm x 43cm x 18cm


The following items are included when you hire the Kessler CineSlider:

  • 100mm ball mount
  • 100mm high hat
  • 12v battery pack
  • 500 series elektraDRIVE motor
  • 75mm bowl adapter
  • battery charger
  • cat5 cable
  • coiled DC cable
  • Giottos quick release
  • motor mounting plate
  • operating manual
  • Oracle controller
  • 2 x outrigger feet
  • Pelican hard case
  • pulley
  • RJ45 splitter
  • speed doubler pulley