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Freefly Movi Pro

Freefly Movi Pro
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We are now dry hiring the Movi Pro. The price above is for the Movi Pro without any crew.

The Movi Pro has proven itself to be a reliable tool to help you position and move a camera in ways that are otherwise difficult or impractical.

One of the greatest strengths of the Movi Pro is in how it allows your production to remain agile while eliminating unwanted or distracting camera shake.

The Movi Pro takes the best bits of the previous generation of Movi stabilisers and gets rid of some of the efficiency niggles - such as power management and parameter tuning. With the Movi Pro on set, you can move faster and get more done.

Need control wheels? We also have the 1A Tools Alpha Wheels.

Key Features

Fast Boot Time

The Movi Pro boots in a couple of seconds. This is a great improvement over the previous versions and means more time shooting, less time waiting.

Battery System

The Movi Pro has a dual, hot-swap battery system. These batteries power the entire rig - the Movi itself, the camera and accessories. You can keep the Movi Pro running all day so that it's always ready when you are.

The New Mimic

Not only does the Mimic allow intuitive two person operation, it allows quick adjustment of the Movi Pro (and RED camera) settings up to 300 metres away.


No more flaky Redmote! Adjust essential RED camera settings, such as frame rate, white balance, compression rate etc directly on the Movi Pro's integrated menu, as well as via the Mimic controller.

Powerful Stabilisation

The motors in the Movi Pro have twice the torque of the original Movi, helping to keep your shots smooth in challenging situations.

The Movi Ring

Where's the stand? It's built in! Just put the Movi Pro down when you need to. The Movi Ring also lets hold the camera high or hold it low as required - no configuration changes are needed to let you alter the shot height between scenes.

Our Kit

Our core Movi Pro kit consists of the essentials you need to make the Movi Pro work for you, plus a generous eight batteries (see the full list of included items further down).

We also have a wide range of accessories to cater to more advanced setups, including:

  • Arri Alexa Mini
  • Arri ECS kit - cforce mini motors & WCU-4 FIZ units
  • Walter Klassen Slingshot
  • Easyrig with Flowcine Serene arm
  • Teradek Bolt wireless video systems
  • 1A Tools brass wheels
  • SmallHD, TVLogic & Convergent Design monitors

Take a look at the videos below for an introduction to the Movi Pro and talk to us if you've got any questions or would like a demonstration.

Introducing the Movi Pro

Introducing the Movi Pro

An overview of the Movi Pro stabiliser.

Tutorial: Building The Camera

Tutorial: Building The Camera

How to build a camera for the Movi Pro.

Tutorial: Balancing

Tutorial: Balancing

How to balance a camera on the Movi Pro.

Tutorial: Tuning

Tutorial: Tuning

How to tune the Movi Pro using autotune.

Tutorial: Using The App

Tutorial: Using The App

Using the Movi Pro app.

Mimic Overview

Mimic Overview

An overview of Freefly Mimic.


The following items are included when you hire the Freefly Movi Pro:

  • 1 x 7/32" Hex Key
  • 2.5mm hex driver
  • 2mm hex driver
  • AC power cable
  • DJI 180w power supply
  • DJI Charging hub
  • 4 x DJI TB50 battery
  • MIMIC controller
  • MIMIC crossbar
  • Movi Ring Pro with feet
  • transport case
  • USB-C - USB-C cable

More Information

Learn more about the Freefly Movi Pro on the official product page.