DJI is the undisputed king of handheld gimbals and the Ronin RS 2 takes them to the next level. The gimbal can carry a payload of up to 4.5kg and the newly designed battery grip can power the gimbal for up to 12 hours if balanced correctly.

The carbon fiber construction means the RS 2 is light, coming in at just over 1kg making it lighter, faster and stronger than the previous Ronin models.

The pro combo features some extras that really help step up your film making game. The included focus motor gives the operator full control of focus, even on fully manual cinema lenses and the RavenEye wireless video transmitter allows you to view your video feed directly from your mobile device.

The Ronin app gives you full customisation of the gimbal and when used with the RavenEye you get a full suite of tools such as false colour, focus peaking and it even gives you the ability to control focus right from your phone.

This kit includes everything you need to get up and running - just add a camera and lens and you are ready to start shooting.

DJI Ronin RS 2 Kit

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