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Cooke Mini S4/i Six Lens Set

Cooke Mini S4/i Six Lens Set
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Optically identical to their S4/i siblings, the Cooke mini S4/i lenses give you the classic Cooke look in a smaller, lighter and more affordable package. The mini S4/i lenses are one stop slower than the S4/i lenses.

All modern Cooke lenses (mini S4/i, S4/i and 5/i) are colour matched and can be mixed on the same production.

This is a six lens set consisting of 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lenses - all T2.8.

Also Available As A Three Lens Set

Also available as a three lens set (choose any three lenses from the full set).


MountArri PL.
Maximum ApertureT2.8.
Close Focus18mm: 0.25m (10").
25mm: 0.25m (10").
32mm: 0.30m (12").
50mm: 0.50m (1' 8").
75mm: 0.56m (1' 10").
100mm: 0.90m (2' 11").
Front Diameter18mm: 110mm.
25mm: 87mm.
32mm: 87mm.
50mm: 87mm.
75mm: 87mm.
100mm: 87mm.
Weight18mm: 1.3kg.
25mm: 1.4kg.
32mm: 1.6kg.
50mm: 1.5kg.
75mm: 1.6kg.
100mm: 1.6kg.
Dimensions18mm: 110mm x 120mm.
25mm: 87mm x 106mm.
32mm: 87mm x 110mm.
50mm: 87mm x 137mm.
75mm: 87mm x 137mm.
100mm: 87mm x 137mm.
Focus Ring Rotation300°.

Shot On Cooke Mini S4/i

Here's a recent fashion film created by the Melbourne duo, Fran & Clare, of Cos We Can, shot on Arri Alexa Mini and Cooke Mini S4/i lenses:

Thoroughly Tested Before Each Hire

You demand the best from the gear you use, and we give it to you. As with all of our cinema lenses, we test each lens in the Cooke Mini S4/i set before every hire on our industry standard collimator and lens test projector - so you can be sure the lenses perform as they should.

Cooke mini S4/i lenses on our Chrosziel collimator