Canon EOS 5DSR Kit

The Canon 5DSR packs a 50.6 megapixel sensor into a familiar DSLR body. This means you get images with resolution rivalling some medium format systems, while still being able to use the huge range of EF mount lenses, an advanced autofocus system, and a familiar workflow.

Full resolution RAW files from the 5DSR are about 60MB in size.

The 5DSR does not use a low pass filter. Low pass filters (LPFs) help reduce aliasing / moire that can appear in some images created by digital imaging sensors. The downside to LPFs is that they reduce resolution (sharpness).

When you don't need the full 50.6MP resolution of the 5DSR, you can choose to shoot in M-RAW (28MP) or S-RAW (12.4MP) resolutions. As with other Canon professional DSLRs, you can also shoot in a variety of RAW+JPEG or JPEG only modes.

The 5DSR also comes with a convenient USB3 and HDMI port protector, which is great for shooting tethered.

Canon EOS 5DSR

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Full Frame 35mm

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Canon EF

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