Canon 30-105mm T2.8 Compact Zoom Kit

Available in Arri PL or Canon EF mount.

Weighing just 2.2kg, the Canon CN-E 30-105mm compact zoom is a flexible workhorse. Designed to provide enough resolution for 4K cameras, it's suitable for use on a wide variety of digital motion cameras. With a minimum focus distance of just 0.6m, this is a lens you can use in tight working conditions.

Naturally, this is a lens designed for motion. Unlike many modern zoom lenses designed for stills use, this is a parfocal zoom - it holds focus throughout its zoom range. The 11 blade iris ensures a pleasing treatment of out of focus parts of a scene, and the generous and highly visible lens marks help you nail critical focusing.

The 114mm front diameter is a common industry size and ensures compatibility with a wide range of matte boxes and other lens accessories.

The CN-E 30-105mm covers Super 35mm sized sensors. It does not cover 35mm full frame sensors.

Canon 30-105mm T2.8 Compact Zoom Kit

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Lens Mount

Arri PL
Canon EF

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Super 35mm

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