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Aputure Barndoors

Aputure Barndoors
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Barndoors are all about light shaping. These ones from Aputure are designed specfically for the Aputure COB lights, such as the 300d II and 300x.

These barndoors include a magnetic gel holder to make it simpler to work with colour gels, as well as a 30° honeycomb grid for greater control over light spill.

The barndoors can be attached directly to an Aputure COB light, or they can be used with other light modifiers like the Fresnel 2X. Usiing them with the fresnel attachment gives the Aputure lights a longer throw, helping you use this combo in wide shots etc.


The following items are included when you hire the Aputure Barndoors:

  • 30° honeycomb
  • Bowens mount
  • Gel Frame