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Sound Devices MixPre-D Field Mixer

Sound Devices MixPre-D Field Mixer
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The MixPre-D from Sound Devices helps you achieve high quality audio recording in a compact package. Ideal for use with DSLRs or similar equipment that isn't renowned for having high quality audio circuitry.

A common use for the MixPre-D is recording two channels of audio on a DSLR. You can mix one channel to the left and the other to the right, then split the stereo track in post to give you two discrete mono tracks. This is great for basic interview setups where you might be interviewing two people with a DSLR and you don't want to use a separate sound setup.

The high quality preamps in the MixPre-D allow you to significantly reduce the gain applied by the DSLR, which doesn't have the same quality audio circuitry. This boosts the overall quality of the audio recorded with the video track and makes it unnecessary to use a separate audio recorder - a setup that requires you to sync your audio to video in post production.

Supplied with a TA3-F (mini-XLR) to 3.5mm cable for use with DSLRs and camcorders, 2x rechargeable AA batteries and a mounting bracket for attaching to the bottom of DSLR cameras.

Features and Benefits

  • Transformer-balanced mic/line selectable inputs.
  • 48-volt or 12-volt phantom power.
  • "Unclippable" input peak limiters, dual-mono or stereo linked operation.
  • Input panning to Left, Center, or Right outputs.
  • Mid-Side Stereo (MS) matrix with width control and front-panel channel flip.
  • Return can be used as ch3/ch4 aux-level inputs, selectable pan and level control.
  • High-pass filters, 80 Hz or 160 Hz.
  • Slate microphone and tone oscillator.
  • Mic/Line/AES digital selectable outputs, digital SR of 44.1 , 48 , or 96 kHz.
  • 24-bit, class-compliant USB streaming output for interconnection with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and select iOS devices, computer audio in MixPre-D headphones.
  • Dedicated mic-level output on locking TA3 connector for unbalanced camera inputs.
  • Headphone monitoring of program audio or external return audio.
  • Sunlight-viewable, 16-segment GaN LED output meter with adjustable brightness.
  • Internal battery-power from two AA batteries.
  • External power input, 10-18 VDC.
  • High-strength, extruded aluminium chassis with metal connectors.

For the full specifications, see the Sound Devices product page.


The following items are included when you hire the Sound Devices MixPre-D Field Mixer:

  • 1/4" to 3.5mm headphone adapter
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Sound Devices XL3 TA3-F to 3.5mm cable
  • Sound Devices XL-CAM mounting bracket