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Schoeps Colette MK8 Microphone Set

Schoeps Colette MK8 Microphone Set
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This Schoeps kit consists of the high grade CMC 6U amplifier and an MK8 figure-8 (bidrectional) capsule. This setup is often used in combination with a CMC 6U and MK41 capsule combination in M/S stereo recording applications.

The CMC 6U amplifier is known for its flat frequency response and extremely low noise and distortion. The bidirectional characteristic of the pure pressure gradient transducer design of the MK8 capsule is impressively independent of frequency.

CMC 6U Amplifier Specifications

Powering voltage 12V or 48V.
Current consumption @12V: 8mA.
@48V: 4mA.
Impedence @12V: 25 Ω
@48V: 35 Ω
Low Cut Frequency 20Hz.
Maximum Output Voltage 1V.
Length 116mm.
Diameter 20mm.
Weight 60g.

MK8 Capsule Specifications

Polar Pattern Figure-8.
Frequency Response 40Hz - 16kHz.
Sensitivity 10mV/Pa.
Equivalent Noise Level CCIR: 26dB.
A-weighted: 18dB.
SNR A-weighted: 76dB.
Maximum SPL 134dB (0.5% THD).


The following items are included when you hire the Schoeps Colette MK8 Microphone Set:

  • pop filter
  • Schoeps CMC 6U amplifier
  • Schoeps MK8 capsule
  • Schoeps SG20 mount

More Information

Learn more about the Schoeps Colette MK8 Microphone Set on the official product page.