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Ronford Baker Billet Bazooka

Ronford Baker Billet Bazooka
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A rock solid, modular support platform for great flexibility on shoot locations. Adjustable legs for levelling, 5 fixed riser sections plus a 60-100cm adjustable riser for a total of 2.7m of height adjustment.

Ideal as a support base for our Ronford Baker slider.

Modular Risers

A total of 5 fixed risers are supplied, in lengths of 800, 400, 200, 150 and 100mm. Each riser section doubles as a Mitchell interface and a coupling for another riser section.

A 600-1,000mm adjustable riser section is also provided, for easy height adjustment when supporting a camera payload.


The following items are included when you hire the Ronford Baker Billet Bazooka:

  • 100mm riser
  • 150mm riser
  • 200mm riser
  • 400mm riser
  • 600mm - 1000mm adjustable riser
  • 800mm riser
  • Bazooka base
  • Bazooka leg case
  • 3 x height adjustable legs
  • 3 x leg attachment screws
  • Lemsford aluminium case for adjustable riser
  • 2 x transport tube
  • 4 x tri-bolts

More Information

Learn more about the Ronford Baker Billet Bazooka on the official product page.