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Redmag SSD 128GB 4 Pack

Redmag SSD 128GB 4 Pack
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Need additional media for Red Epic or Scarlet cameras? Pick up this handy 128GB 4 pack of 1.8" SSDs to extend your shoot times.

Compatible with Red Epic, Scarlet and One cameras with 1.8" SSD modules.

Record Times

The record time of each 128GB Redmag depends on resolution, frame rate, compression ratio and whether HDRx is enabled or not. Typical record times at 24fps, HDRx disabled, and at the default compression ratio of 8:1 are:

  • 5K full: 37 mins
  • 5K 2:1: 39 mins
  • 5K HD: 39 mins
  • 5K ANA: 57 mins
  • 5K WS: 46 mins
  • 4K full: 58 mins
  • 4K HD: 61 mins
  • 3K full: 102 mins
  • 3K HD: 109 mins
  • 2K full: 230 mins

To calculate recording times for a specific use case, please see the recording time tool on the Red website.


The following items are included when you hire the Redmag SSD 128GB 4 Pack:

  • 4 x 128GB Redmag