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Red Epic Dragon

Red Epic Dragon
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The product photo shows an optional Arri FF-5 follow focus that is not included by default in the base camera package.

The Red Epic Dragon offers you exceptional dynamic range, up to 6K acquisition resolution, high frame rates and the flexibility of a RAW workflow. Shoot at up to 100 FPS at 6K, and even higher at lower resolutions.

With the latest Dragon sensor, Red has delivered improved dynamic range - particularly highlight handling - and a colour science designed to render skin tones more pleasing to those who have preferred the Arri Alexa over the previous generation MX sensor.

Our Epic Dragon kit supports both 19mm studio and 15mm lightweight studio accessories via the included adapters, to give you maximum flexibility when building out the rig.

What You Get

Our Epic Dragon camera kit is available in either PL or Canon EF mount, and includes four 240GB SSDs and six IDX Endura Duo 150 (146Wh) batteries that will power the camera for up to 12 hours.

See below for everything included in the camera kit.

Red Epic Dragon Components

  • Red Epic Dragon brain with titanium PL or Canon EF mount.
  • +1 module, Red Bomb EVF and EVF mounting bracket.
  • Red Pro 5 inch touchscreen monitor.
  • Wooden Camera C-Box for more convenient placement of SDI jacks.
  • V-Lock battery plate.
  • Red sliding top handle.
  • Arri BP-8 19mm studio bridge plate and dovetail plate.
  • Arri bridge plate adapter with 15mm LWS rod bracket.
  • 2x 30cm 19mm rods and 2x 45cm 19mm rods.
  • Red tactical V2 top plate, cage and ribs.


Four 240GB 1.8" REDMAGs are included. Each card will hold approximately 40 minutes of 6K full-frame footage at a frame rate of 25fps and compression ratio of 8:1 (record times are dependent on frame rate, aspect ratio and compression ratio - all of which are user configurable).


You get six IDX Duo 150Wh batteries. Each battery typically powers the camera for about 2 hours. Additional batteries are available for hire.

Technical Specifications

The maximum frame rate supported by the Epic Dragon is dependent on capture resolution. Also, when you configure the camera to capture in less than 6K, a higher crop factor is introduced due to sensor windowing (when you decrease acquisition resolution, you are not using the full sensor).

See this Reduser page for a good overview of capture resolutions, maximum frame rates, record times, crop factors, and more.

Camera Prep

Accurate back focus is critical on any camera, but particularly so on the Red Epic given the combination of changeable mounts and sensor plane adjustment on the camera itself. Prior to every hire, the flange focal distance of our Red Epic Dragon and Scarlet cameras is verified using a collimator and a specialised lens. Our collimator is also used to verify any cine lenses you might be hiring as part of your camera kit.

Chrosziel collimator with Red Epic Dragon camera