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Red Canon Motion Mount

Red Canon Motion Mount
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Also available in PL mount.

The Canon titanium motion mount from Red is a highly tunable variable IRND filter (up to 8 stops), linear polariser, and global shutter all rolled into one. When used in soft shutter mode, the motion mount is designed to reduce temporal aliasing.

Add these features to any Epic or Scarlet camera (with necessary firmware) by attaching this mount.

Global Shutter

Sensor skew, the jello effect, rolling shutter - call it what you will - is significantly reduced by using this motion mount. Strobe lights will now evenly illuminate a frame (in square shutter mode). Quick pans will no longer make you cringe. Fast moving objects won't warp as they move across the frame.

Variable ND

The motion mount also adds the ability to dial in between 1.6 to 8 stops of ND with fine granularity. The ND filter also removes IR and far-red pollution, meaning blacks remain rich black. Using the motion mount often allows you to eliminate the need for a matte box, providing flexibility when you need to devise lightweight rigs for application such as the MoVI stabiliser.

Linear Polariser

The motion mount features a built-in linear polariser so that light passing through the mount becomes vertically polarised.

Requirements and Notes

  • Use of the motion mount requires firmware version v5.1.14 or newer.
  • Light transmission to the sensor is reduced by at least 1.6 stops when this mount is attached to an Epic or Scarlet.
  • HDRx cannot be used with a motion mount attached.
  • Frame rates faster than 120FPS cannot be used with the motion mount when soft or square shutter mode are enabled.