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Genus 58mm Neutral Density (ND) Fader Filter

Genus 58mm Neutral Density (ND) Fader Filter
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Need to shoot with slower shutter speeds or shoot wide open in bright daylight? The Genus 58mm ND fader filter lets you dial in 2 to 8 stops of neutral density in the one filter.

This ND filter screws into the filter thread on the front of 58mm lenses or into step-up or step-down filter adapters.

Why might you want to use an ND filter? Here are some example situations:

  • You want to use slow shutter speeds for creative effect, like to capture flowing water, but there is too much light to use the shutter speed you want without the image becoming too overexposed.
  • You want to use a fast lens wide open (f/1.2 etc) in bright light to achieve a shallow depth of field but you are unable to do so without overexposing your images.
  • You are recording video with an HDSLR camera (or other interchangeable lens video camera) and want to maintain a shutter speed of 1/50th of a second to create the right amount of motion blur in each frame.


The following items are included when you hire the Genus 58mm Neutral Density (ND) Fader Filter:

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