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Creamsource Mini Doppio LED

Creamsource Mini Doppio LED
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The Creamsource Mini Doppio (daylight spot model - 5600K colour temperature) is a punchy, portable 1x1 LED fixture that is equivalent in light output to a 400W HMI, yet it is far more power efficient - so you can plug many more of these lights into a standard domestic supply. It generates very little heat, making it more comfortable and safer for talent and crew.

This light fixture is powered either by conventional AC power, or DC power using the included dual v-mount battery plate. The DC power option means this light can easily be used where there is no AC power, without requiring a generator or inverter. Or it can be handheld for tracking shots, without power cords getting in the way.

A snap-on soft box and 30° flood lens are also included, to increase the versatility of the light - use it in spot mode for extra throw to light from a greater distance, or soften the light with the soft box and/or flood lens.

Battery Power

When powering the Creamsource Mini Doppio with v-mount batteries, two batteries of at least 150Wh must be used simultaneously. The light will not operate with only one battery attached. We tested runtime to be 90 minutes with two 150Wh batteries.

Batteries are not included by default but we do have several options available for hire, such as kits of four IDX Endura Duo 150 batteries.

Flicker Free To At Least 1,000 Frames Per Second

Creamsource LED fixtures do not flicker when shooting at high frame rates. Shooting at frame rates up to 1000 FPS will not present any problems, and in many cases frame rates much higher than this can be used with Creamsource fixtures.


Power consumption 155W DC, 175W AC
Weight 5.2kg
Colour temperature 5600K
Cooling Passive with low-noise fan backup
Mounting Yoke with 1 1/8" / 28mm spigot (5/8" baby adapter attached for conventional c-stands)


Distance Lux Foot Candles
0.5m 79,000 7,340
1m 37,300 3,470
2m 12,000 1,120
3m 5,800 540
4m 3,300 310


The following items are included when you hire the Creamsource Mini Doppio LED:

  • 30 degree flood lens frame
  • 3 pin XLR extension cable
  • Creamsource custom carry case
  • Creamsource power supply
  • DOP Choice Snapbag softbox w/sleeve
  • Dual V lock battery plate
  • gel frame w/LEE 250 diffusion
  • gel frame w/ Rosco 1/8 minus green